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The KIPON BAVEYES PL > LPL 1.5x Rear Anamorphic Adapter is designed to stretch the image of a PL mount lens by the factor of 1.5x vertically. The light transmission is reduced by less then one stop. The innovativ optical design which consists of 5 cylindrical lenses ensures low distorsion and maximum imaging accuracy. The Adapter take PL mount lenses up to 20mm depth (measured from the PL flange) and allows light pass through to a maximum T-Stop of T2.8. The resulting image can cover sensor sizes up to 48mm diagonal. 

The optical design consisting of 5 lenses in 5 groups uses high refractive index and low dispersion glass and has been optimized for maximum contrast transmission and minimum aberrations with state-of-the-art optical design software. Tolerance and stray light analysis by special software, avoids ghosting and reflections already at the design stage and ensures maximum imaging performance.

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