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COLIBRI Key Features

  • Small and lightweight
    (80mm front diameter, 550g max)
  • Fullframe coverage
  • Excellent color rendering
  • 5 focal lenght: 24/35/50/75/90
  • 10 blade (star-shaped) iris at all focal length
  • 300° focus rotation, 90° iris rotation
  • Focus and iris gear rings have consistent distance to the image plane
  • For Sony E / Canon EOS R / Leica L / NIKON Z

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With a front diameter of 80mm and a maximum weight of only 550g, Colibri lenses are perfect for use in situations where weight and compactness are key. Ideal for handheld camera rigs or drones.

COLOR Rendering

The Colibri lenses are known for their excellent color rendering capabilities. They are designed to accurately reproduce colors and skin tones with natural and vivid results. The lenses produce colors that are well-balanced and true-to-life, with accurate representation of different hues and shades.

Aperture & Bokeh

The shape of the aperture creates a distinctive and attractive and creamy bokeh, with highlights appearing as stars instead of the more typical circular shapes. This star-shaped bokeh can add a creative and visually interesting element to the images and videos captured with the Colibri lenses. The bokeh produced by the Colibri lenses is also characterized by its smoothness and softness.

Technical Specifications